Paris in Love

Maria Gatling


My husband and I were recently roaming the bookstore….like we used to do on a regular basis, and he bought me this book because he thought I’d really enjoy it. He was right. Although I have not read through it all, the introduction was where I fell in love. Yes, the author had me at hello and here’s why.

Excerpt from the introduction:

“I had made grand plans to write four books while in Paris……..But in spite of these inestimable ambitions, I found myself walking for hours. I read books in bed while rain hit the windows. Sometimes I spent two weeks doing one Sunday New York Times crossword……

Soon enough, I discovered an interesting fact: if a writer doesn’t put in hours at the keyboard every day, no writing gets done. I had always suspected this was true, but having grown up in a family of writers, I never had…

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Goals, Intention, and Intuition

photo by Maria Gatling

Looking through my notebook, I came across my handwritten notes form “Creative Awakening“ by Sheri Gaynor and found this to be very helpful and insightful. 

“Goals have a definitive place in our lives and businesses. Beneficial for things like writing a business plan, applying for a loan, reaching a deadline, etc. However, the main objective of a goal is the end achievement or aim, as the dictionary tells us—Linear and masculine aim.

If we see the goal and can’t see anything between it and the here and now, we might have trouble envisioning how we will get to the end result.

Imagine you have a bow and arrow in your hands and you are aiming at your target. Can you see the bulls eye? What else do you see in your view? Probably nothing since you are focused on the target. You may notice you have stopped breathing. Inherent in a goal is a succeed / fail message, and if we don’t hit the bulls eye, we can feel like we completely missed the mark.

To create intention is to create a vision of possibility. Intention invites you to take in the expansive view —broad, receptive and wide sweeping.

I believe the key to separating an intention from a goal is the word intuition.

We are so plugged-in that we have tuned out what is inside.

With intention, we have the desired result in mind. Instead of relying on a specific list of steps to get us there, we are tapping into our intuition—our inner wisdom—to help us find our way.

When we take in this larger view, it allows us to be open to change, new possibilities, and synchronicity that may not have been a part of the original vision.” (Sheri Gaynor, author of Creative Awakening)