Reconnect With Your Creative Self


After the kids have grown up and moved out, we sometimes find ourselves with a loss of interests and a loss of our own identity and creativity. Finding ourselves isn’t always easy or clear since we have spent many years focusing on helping others find their own way in life. I often hear from others that engaging in creative endeavors is always like some sort of therapy that helps them figure out who and what they want to be during their second half of life. 

I’ve listed three tips here to get your started…keep it simple and don’t get overwhelmed. Getting your ideas out of your head and onto paper may sometimes only spark a single thought-but sometimes that’s all you need. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to happen. Make it happen. Practicing creativity is like a muscle—Use it or lose it.

3 Simple Ways To Use Your Creative Muscle:

  1. Keep a notebook in which you can draw, doodle, write, glue inspiring images in, etc. It’s your creative notebook. No one is going to grade you on this. This simple practice is my favorite! It’s always fun to look back at some of your older notebooks.
  2. Start a small creative group in which you meet monthly with like-minded individuals to create and share ideas and show your work. It builds your confidence and bravery. The more you show others your work, the braver and more confident you will become.
  3. Take photos of everyday beauty. Do something creative with your photos. Learn how to create a photo book online or have your photos printed on canvas.

Why do any of this? To re-claim your creative identity, improve concentration, quiet the mind and ultimately have more fun in life.

I offer small group creativity sessions. Contact me for details or questions at


“Creativity is not a pastime. It’s an essential part of who we are, finding countless expressions in our life each day.” Tyler Enfield

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