Being creative begins with believing you are creative and that you can create beautiful things. But fear is probably the mother of all reasons we doubt our own creative abilities.

Fear that it might not work. Fear that nobody will like our work. Fear that others will judge us. Fear that others will laugh at our work. Fear Fear Fear…and all for nothing because all these insecurities we have come down to having no value at all! Who cares if others don’t like our creative work? We should begin by creating for ourselves…for our own pleasure.

Practicing creativity is like a muscle—You must use it or lose it.

These are 3 Simple Ways To Use Your Creative Muscle:

  1. Keep a notebook in which you can draw, doodle, write, glue inspiring images in, etc. It’s your creative notebook. No one is going to grade you on this.
  2. Start a small creative group in which you meet monthly with like-minded individuals to create and share ideas.
  3. Get in the habit of noticing and taking photos of everyday beauty. Do something creative with your photos.

Believing in yourself is the first step but that is not enough. We must take action by taking small steps to practice creativity daily.

One last thing…Show Your Work! It builds your confidence and bravery. The more you show others your work, the braver and more confident you will become.

“Your Biggest Failure: Amazingly, it’s not that great thing you did with good intent that ended in disaster. No, your biggest failure is the thing you dreamed of contributing but didn’t find the guts to do.” Seth Godin

Thank you for reading. What are your thoughts on this? ~Maria


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