We All Need a Natural High


On my way back from a recent trip to New Orleans I was reading an article in the December 2014 issue of  Vogue magazine, titled “Natural High”. While I did enjoy seeing a new city and especially walking around taking photos, I was telling my husband that we’ve seen enough cities and I’d really like to have any future vacations be in areas of nature….such as the Redwoods….one of our favorite places ever!

This article resonated with me so I am sharing a few excerpts from the article to highlight what really spoke to me. Here is the link for you to read the entire article: http://www.vogue.com/4951769/karlie-kloss-treehotel-sweden/

“There is perhaps no greater luxury than to be enveloped in natural beauty, to feel the strength of the forest and the purity of the sky, to hear the sound of a running river. And if you’re seeking rejuvenation, there is perhaps no greater need.”

“In 1982, the Japanese Forestry Agency put forth the idea that if the nation’s stressed and depressed citizens—the Japanese have among the highest suicide rates in the world—would just walk their forest therapy trails, they would soak up the sensory splendor and soothe their weary minds. So people began walking. Years later the Japanese invited researchers to walk as well, and ask forest bathers for a few minutes to submit to testing of their blood pressure, pulse, cortisol levels, and other markers of mental health. The resulting paper, published in 2011, confirmed what the Lindvalls and many others had known all along: Forest bathing was not just a flaky hippie pastime.”

“And just in time, really. We’re in dire need of a bracing blast of fresh air. Antidepressants are the drugs most commonly prescribed to Americans aged eighteen to 44, and usage has increased nearly 400 percent in the past two decades.”

This photo below is one I took a few years ago on a family vacation to Pescadero, California. We took daily walks here and to this day we all agree that was simply the best time and best vacation we’ve ever had together!

But don’t wait until you can go on vacation. We can walk out our front door and take a daily dose of this therapeutic walk. This is something I try to enjoy daily no matter where I am and I always see something beautiful in nature….some of this beauty here in my own backyard. This is my daily dose of a natural high. I wish you a new year filled with many natural highs out in nature. Until next time, “Be Inspired to Create!” #bi2c ~Maria

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 12.00.08 PM

“We have an innate, emotional need to connect with the environment. Nature makes us feel whole.” Edward O. Wilson



  1. I feel the SAME way Maria! Redwoods is one of my favorite places and wish I could vacation there on my next one! There is nothing more beautiful than a mountain scene leading to the ocean with lovely magnificent trees sloping down to the water or a mountain lake with the lovely trees and a snow capped mountain in view. The valley’s are just as lovely as the tops of the mountains! Thank you for the article. One more thing to add to my bucket list!

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