My “Thank You” Project

Having just wrapped up my one year fun project “The Blue Sunglasses”, I decided that my next project should have a little more meaning to it. Don’t get me wrong, some good has come from the blue sunglasses and having some fun is meaningful, but this next project has some deeper meaning…and we can have some fun with this one too.

It’s so easy to thank someone via email or text, but I would love to see the handwritten thank you note be more prevalent. After all, Gratitude = Happiness = Creativity, and I would love to see everyone be happier and creative.

Here are the details (and details are not black and white). I created this postcard and had them printed on two sides. One one side you write a short and sweet note to someone. It can be as simple as thanking a friend for listening, for buying your coffee, for the little things we take for granted. After you write it out, take a pic and share it on social media, using my hash tag #bi2c (be inspired to create). Then address it and mail it or hand it to them. Make someone’s day a little special. The back side has a quote for inspiring the person you mail it to.

photo 13

I met with Ramin Jahedi today and he was kind enough to be my first to participant.

photo 12

Until next time, “Be Inspired to Create!” #bi2c ~Maria



    1. Thanks Angeline! Yes you do….fun and simple. I used Vista Print because template was easy and price was good.

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