Creativity As Therapy


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How do you get out of a rut or a funk? I’m not talking about a 24 hour rut. I’m talking about big life changes that spiral you downwards. The kind that only subside momentarily from time to time. Like a slippery slope you just can’t seem to get a grip of. That’s been me for the past 2 months! Enough already! I’m reclaiming my groove.

 I came back from our one month adventure in San Jose California and I have had a hard time getting my groove back……Until I met with my creative group. All it took was 2 hours with them, sitting around the table with our art supplies out and a common goal….to create something in our Big Creative Journals. All was well that afternoon as if I had just consumed a happy pill! But I’ve noticed that if I don’t create something every day, no matter how small, I can slip into a place that I don’t like.

Today I encourage you to consider creativity as therapy. If it helps you feel good just for one day, then it’s worth it. Repeat daily. Reclaim your creative groove.


Until next time, “Be Inspired to Create!” #bi2c ~Maria

“What art offers is space…a certain breathing room for the spirit.”  John Updike





  1. As weird as this might sound, a funk can be cleansing and help set new inspiration points in place. And, it helps you empathize with others when they are in a funk. The waves come and go 🙂 We know that eventually, everything changes. Relax.

  2. You are so right about art being good therapy. Being apart of the Ceeative Mingle allows me to be creative because sometime I may not get to my art for weeks. However I do have a small art book I have been drawing in every evening.

    Thanks for sharing.

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