The Traveling Blue Sunglasses

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 9.38.12 AM

May was a bit of a different month on many levels. My husband and I were on this adventure after selling our home and taking a road trip to San Diego California to explore the possibility of living there for one year. I’m really glad we only rented a condo for one month while we checked out places to live because what we discovered was that we loved visiting San Diego but didn’t want to live there. In that month, we met some interesting and very friendly people almost everywhere we went. My blue sunglasses have been such a fun way to connect with people and just get to know their story.

On day one when we stopped for coffee as soon as we arrived in San Diego, J.J. (top left) told us his story and shared how he came to San Diego as well as how much he was torn between being here and having family elsewhere.

The following day we met Michael (top center) at a music event….we talked with him all night and saw him again for more music the first week.

Nancy (top right) was also a very sweet and friendly woman we met at a music venue and introduced her to Michael….we all met for more music…I love how that works!

And while the three of us were enjoying music, Ali (bottom left), our waiter, had fun wearing my blue sunglasses and shared his story with us.

Having pizza one day we got to talking to Alexander (bottom center) and learned that he is an artist and his family owns a chain of Mexican food restaurants in San Diego….great story….friendly guy!

Sam (bottom right) we met in Telluride Colorado after leaving San Diego for a little road trip on our way back to Texas. Sam is an adventurer herself and had just returned from living in Mexico for a while….and planning her next adventure.

These people we met while we were exploring possibilities of a different lifestyle, will always be a part of our experience because they said yes to my blue sunglasses.

What creative ways do you have to connect with people? Until next time, “Be Inspired to Create!” #bi2c ~Maria

“Good things happen when you meet strangers.” ~Yo-Yo Ma


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