A Friendly Day in San Diego

IMG_7300 Today I am sharing something we experienced Saturday afternoon in San Diego. It was a beautiful day for walking around downtown, grabbing lunch, and site seeing. I certainly didn’t have this Audrey Hepburn look, although I love it, but I saw this in a window and thought it would be a good way to start my post.

Shortly into our walk, my husband stops in the middle of the street to help a woman who called out from her car at the traffic light “excuse me, but can you help me with directions”…..and he did.

After having lunch downtown we walked to Seaport Village. We climbed what felt like a thousand steps and when we reached the top, I looked back at the city from a different perspective. This is kind of like we did with this adventure….we stepped away from our environment and looked at everything from a different perspective. IMG_7282_Snapseed I went into a shop and had an interesting conversation with the clerk. She asked me where I was from and then asked me what I thought about the people in San Diego, did I think it was a friendly city. She grew up here and has lived and traveled all over the U.S. including Austin, TX and in her opinion there is no place as friendly as Austin. She herself did not consider S.D. to be all that friendly. I told her we’d had some pretty friendly encounters but we’ve only been here about 3 weeks. She gave me lots of great tips and information regarding this city. I thanked her and said to her “well, you’re here and you’re friendly”. What happened on our way back was very interesting considering she just told me this city is not so friendly.

Friendly Encounter #1:  We came across this really cute bulldog so I asked his owner for permission to photograph him. “Sure, go right ahead, his name is Bambino and he’s friendly.” Both Bambino and his owner were friendly. Meet Bambino. IMG_7301


Friendly Encounter #2: We continued our walk home and I notice this really cool sign in a window so I stopped to photograph it. As we are walking away, a young man comes out of the shop and calls us back. At first I’m thinking to myself that maybe he didn’t like me photographing his sign. But wait, as my heart is racing just a little, he starts telling us all about the making of this sign and the artist….where I can get one, etc. Stop me if I’m wrong, but that’s two friendly encounters in a row! We chat a little with him, thank him and go on our way. Next stop, Roy needs a beer and there’s a good pub a few blocks away. IMG_7302_Snapseed


Friendly Encounter #3: We stop for a beer and I tell the bartender that all I really want is a grapefruit juice. He brings our drinks and we sit and rest for a while. When we get ready to go he only charges us for Roy’s beer and not for my juice. I ask him and he waves it off with a smile…so we tip him well and head on home.

What do you think about this? Do you believe that you get what you put out? My husband and I are both pretty friendly but that doesn’t guarantee that everyone we encounter will be friendly in return.

It was a great day and I did start that day with this FaceBook posting. “I just set this as my desktop screen….as a reminder to myself….so whatever it is you are going through today…..BELIEVE! Believe good things will happen when you are doing your part. Believe in love, life, family, friends. And make it a great weekend!”  Until next time, “Be Inspired to Create!” #bi2c ~Maria


“Begin challenging your own assumptions. Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once and a while, or the light won’t come in.”  Alan Alda Actor, Writer and Director



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