Week 1 of San Diego Adventure

I’m giving you a rundown of life during our first week here in San Diego. Roy and I are working on integrating our work life into our adventure and enjoying life & simple pleasures. We’ve only been here for one week but it feels like we’ve done a lot already and we have found that the people we meet are very friendly. This helps, because being far from loved ones still tugs at our hearts. Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 9.53.44 AMWe had some time to kill before checking in to the condo last week, so of course a good cappuccino was a priority. We stopped in at Industrial Grind Coffee and struck up a conversation with J.J., a young man about the age of one of our sons. He shared his story with us and if he had not been so open and vulnerable about his own transition to S.D. I might not feel so good about our move. You never know where you’ll get your insightful messages and signs from…be prepared to listen. Oh, and of course J.J. was the first to wear my “blue sunglasses” in S.D.

We then walked around the Hillcrest neighborhood before heading to Sunset Cliffs to greet the Pacific. I am in awe with all the beautiful hills that show you a view of the water! Sitting at a corner while we were waiting on the condo, I took a pic of a photo shoot….it reminded me of my daughter Nicole who photographs couples out in interesting settings. This couple here was looking out at the bay in the distance. It’s a beautiful view….will surely make a great photo for them.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 10.37.51 AMOur first music venue, Jazz on the Rooftop, at the Westgate hotel last Friday evening was the beginning of a musical week! It was nice to walk over there and back and not deal with traffic and parking. This is where we met Michael. We asked if we could put our drink down at his table and there began an evening of great conversation with Michael. We’ve seen him again twice for music since then. He himself is a musician and played with the L.A. Pops for many years. And as you can see, he also wore my blue sunglasses.

Saturday morning we walked to the farmer’s market in Little Italy….It looks like we’ll be doing a lot of walking here. We came home with some beautiful produce and flowers to brighten up the table. “Before I die…..” is a wall in the Hillcrest neighborhood. They provide chalk so you can write in your dream, your one thing from your bucket list that you’d like to do before you die. My husband had no problem writing his down “surf mavericks” while I stood there pondering the question. What would you write in your blank space?

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 4.59.53 PMSunday morning walk to Balboa Park, stopping for a moment to appreciate the beautiful classical music performed by a group of young people. Sunday evening was another great evening of music in Little Italy where we met up with our new friend Michael….and while we were there, we made another friend, Nancy, who volunteers for the jazz station, 88.3. Like I said, so far people have been very friendly…works well with our Texas friendly nature. Reality check at the grocery store where I found my husband checking his blood pressure….all was well.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 5.19.48 PMWe attended a Padres game this week , enjoyed walking to and from the game, not dealing with traffic or parking. The Padres were getting their butts kicked right from the beginning. We had a bit of excitement at the 5th inning when two fans at opposite ends of the field ran out into the field….just for the fun of it I think….that or they won a bet doing this. One of these guys made security work for their pay….they eventually had to hand it over to the cops. Last night was one of the best music events yet!

We met up with our new friends, Michael and Nancy at Heat Restaurant in the Hillcrest neighborhood to listen to Roman Palacios and Tommy Gannon. Both Nancy and our waiter, Ali, wore my blue sunglasses. It was good to get out, enjoy music, conversation, and a glass of wine.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 5.47.43 PM Finally, I give you a bit of my temporary home life in the Cortez Hill neighborhood. Every morning while I do my floor stretches, and a little yoga, I enjoy this view from the big window here. Balboa Park is right across the highway and we see the planes fly by about every 5 minutes. If I stick my head out the window I can see the bay in the distance….if I stand in the living area in front of the window, this is our new living space….all of it. We came from a big house, 2800 sq. ft, to this small condo we are renting in Cortez Hill.

A little bit of history about Cortez Hill. Cortez Hill is a neighborhood located in north-east San Diego and named after El Cortez, one of downtown San Diego’s oldest building. Built from 1926 to 1927, the El Cortez was the tallest building in San Diego when it opened. It sits atop a hill at the north end of downtown. From its opening in 1927 through the 1950s, it was the most glamorous apartment-hotel in San Diego. While preserving the beauty of its Spanish Renaissance Revival Architecture, El Cortez was converted to condos in 2004.  

We wanted to experience a different lifestyle….we got it. It’s amazing how much less we have done without although I had to buy just one thing….a crock pot. I’ve been inspired by my daughters and it seems to me that if I’m ever going to get good at cooking, I should let a machine do most of the work. 

I’ve given you a look at our first week here in San Diego. To explore the city, meet people, and integrate our work life with living an adventure is pretty much what sums it up. Thanks for following me. Until next time, “Be Inspired to Create!” #bi2c ~Maria

photo 10

“Do interesting things and interesting things will happen to you.” John Hegarty


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