From Here to There – Austin to San Diego in Two Days

from Texas to Tucson

Day 1 From Texas to Tucson

We made it from Austin to San Diego in two days but getting out of Texas seemed like forever! It is miles and miles of nothing so you better get your tunes going and have a good driving companion…which I did. My husband and I took turns driving while enjoying some good conversation. Finally, we made it to New Mexico and the terrain is changing. It seems like before we knew it, we were in Arizona. If you’re from Texas, all other states are small. We drove past “Texas Canyon” in Arizona and I can see why they call it that. It looks like a piece of Big Bend got moved over there. To call it a day after 12 hours of driving….(we headed out that morning from Kerrville after spending the night with friends), we decided to spend the night in Tucson at the Lodge on the Desert. Great place to stay and Tucson is a perfect “halfway point”….worth the extra hours of driving before heading out on day 2 of our drive to San Diego.

From Tucson to San Diego

Day 2 From Tucson to San Diego

First things first…I must have my cappuccino before attempting life in any way. When we travel I like to find the best cappuccino in town and my husband usually takes care of that for me. I guess that is in his best interest. Crave Coffee Bar in Tucson had the best cappuccino! We then drive downtown on our way towards Hwy 10 and were so pleasantly surprised at how cute their downtown is. On the road we began to see so much cactus and get the feeling of being in the desert all along the highway….and I mean all along the highway because it’s a long drive of nothing again. So I start looking at my map to see where we are….Are we almost there yet? A screen shot of your map is a good way to let friends know where you are. Talk about dust and high winds….for miles and miles….I felt like the winds could flip my car over although everyone around me is just driving along like it’s nothing. Finally, after the sand, the winds, the high elevations, we are here! So we check in to a hotel for the night, grab a bite to eat, and go to the beach for just a while to smell the sea and feel the breeze. That’s our two days and we will see what’s next. In all honesty, this road trip was great even when I was afraid of driving through high winds, but right now at this moment we are both feeling just a little homesick. But I guess that’s normal. Until next time, “Be Inspired to Create!” #bi2c ~Maria

“It is better to travel well than to arrive.” Buddha



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