The Messy Side of My Adventure

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One month ago we sat down with our realtor to discuss the idea of selling our home. Today it is already sold and we have pretty much packed up the house. We have simplified our stuff down to basics but as I look at all the boxes we have already filled I’m wondering if we will get there and get rid of more stuff. What on Earth were we thinking that we could fit our home into one Pod! We’ve raised four kids and we’ve lived here for 10 years….that’s a lot of stuff even after “simplifying”.

The messy side is that along with all the dirt (literally) is the emotional side and the logistics of all this. Neither one of us can say that this is easy to do. Our kids, family, and friends are here in Texas. Even with the ease of staying in touch through social media and phone conversations, there is nothing that can replace the face to face conversations and time together.

The not knowing….not knowing how long we will be there…not knowing where we will live….not knowing much of anything really, can get to your head and wake you up in the middle of the night doubting yourself. And still, we know this will be a good adventure…we do know that much. Oh yes….and we know friends and family will come to visit us….and we welcome that.

We are in the middle of this and like a friend said to us, anytime you are in the middle of anything….not here or there….it can be a stressful place to be….you just want to get to the other side and be done with this messy middle stage. So true!

I plan to blog weekly about our adventure but I thought it would be good to show you the “pre-adventure” stage…the not so glamorous part.

Until next time, “Be Inspired to Create!” #bi2c ~Maria

“And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.” Erica Jong



  1. Wow! Considering the time frame you have done a lot of work. I will miss you and thanks so much for the beautiful card. When you get settled, please send me your address. We will stay in touch. Happy Travels!!!

  2. Maria, how exciting you are off to a new adventure. Where are you moving and what’s the reason for the move? Lawrence and I did this moving thing over 5 years ago when we moved from Austin to Winfield, KS. We had to “get brutal” about our stuff and pare down time after time. We used freecycle to move allot of our things that we chose not to move and pay for. We made a pass through the house and posted a Giveaway on the freecycle yahoo group for Austin. It had over 10K folks on it then. We felt that we would get takers and we did. Everything was gone in a couple hours. Then we did this a second and third time; each time folks showed up at our appointed time (also put the end time in your message) and each time the Goodies were toted away by folks that wanted them. It pared down our possessions allot and made the transportation cost more manageable.
    I also suggest not moving books as they are heavy. Your favorites are at most libraries and you can most always purchase an e-book of your favorite titles. We found that in the end we needed to move much less than we did. There is freecycle in most communities of the U.S., also in many countries; check these good folks out at Try it; you will like it!
    Send me an email about what your new adventure will look like,
    Blessings to you and Roy; and the family as you transition to another chapter of your life. I’m positive everything is going your way!

  3. Hope you’ll keep that blue book with you your adventure. Might come in handy in helping you meet all those wonderful characters that are out there waiting for you and Roy.

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