Blue Sunglasses in February


These are the folks who wore my blue sunglasses in February. It’s just a fun project of mine that I’ve been doing since August 2013. I got the idea from a movie where the party host took a poloroid of all his friends wearing his blue sunglasses. Thank you all for playing! If you see your pic in here, leave a comment with your twitter handle or your web site address, etc. It’s always fun connecting with people this way. If we have a meeting set up, you can count on me asking you to wear these. If we don’t, let’s set one up.

“When people aren’t having any fun, they seldom produce good work.” David Ogilvy

Until next time, “Be Inspired to Create!” #bi2c ~Maria


One comment

  1. Thanks for including me in your creative and fun blue-framed sunglasses project, Maria! I’m honored!! And I’m in such great company. Want to have a new meetup for all those featured in the blue-framed sunglasses project? LOL. I’m sure your Be Inspired Meetup is enough. #bi2c #beinspired2create

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