Get Help Where You Need it

Even as someone with an art and publishing background, I have found that I really needed help with so much if I was going to take my “art & passion” to the next level. I have come to slowly but surely rely on talent around me to get the social media presence I need and want.

I am surrounded by talent! I needed a video interview of myself….my son Erik Gatling is a videographer…. I made a phone call to him and now I have it. I needed some profile photos as well as a couple of banners to rotate on my site….my daughter Nicole Gatling is a photographer/designer….I have some great photos and banners.

Mostly, I needed someone with a creative mind who also had a strong marketing and social media sense. I needed someone who really got what I was about to pull all of this together, look at the bigger picture, and help me create that image. Linda Battson of Vision Hitch has done that for me. Her publishing company, Slow Burn Books, published my second edition of “Be Inspired! Create Something Everyday”.  She gave me advice on launching my FB page, Be Inspired To Create, and brainstormed with me to find a unique hashtag: #Bi2C. On this site, she has made improvements and has given me priceless advise and tips.

photo 2

Do what you do well and get help where you need it most.

Until next time, “Be Inspired to Create!” #bi2c ~Maria

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