Reflection of the Week

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I recently read The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin and highlighted my favorite excerpts. I absolutely love the book! I highlight so I can come back to it and write these words of wisdom down in hopes that they will embed themselves in my head. This morning as I was looking through it, I just had to share this one section with you. I encourage you to get the book, read and highlight the words that really speak to you.

If It Doesn’t Ship, It’s Not Art: Art always involves a collision with a marketplace, an interaction with a recipient, a gift given and a gift received. You can plan and sketch and curse the system all day, but if you don’t ship, you haven’t done your work, because the work involves connection and the generosity behind it. It’s entirely possible that one day your insight will be discovered and that it will touch someone or make a difference. But if you hide your contribution from us, you can’t be considered an artist, because it’s not art until a human connection is made. We’re not waiting for you to tell us about your notebook filled with ideas. Tel us about the connections you have enabled and the impact you have made instead.” ~Seth Godin

Until next time, be well, sleep well, love well, and create something every day! ~Maria



    1. Thanks Jann! Yes it sure gets me thinking though….if you keep creating and shipping, you’ll get further along….gotta start somewhere….just like Seth did.

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