Be Inspired Austin!

BeInspiredAustinI held my first Meet Up on Friday October 25th and was so excited to have such a great turnout and participation. To join this group, go to:

This initial meet up was meant to get everyone acquainted and introduced to the structure of this group.  The theme for this meet up was “Who Are You?” Here’s what others said about this event.

“ Lovely people, ideas, and exploration. ” Blair Jacob

“ Nice people and fun, creative activities. ” Don

“ Really fun activities. Your book is awesome. Thanks so much for getting this going. ” Deana

“ This promises to be a great meet up group. ” CA Broome

“Maria, as expected, an awesome event. I felt so connected and creative. I wish we could do this every day. Thank you for putting this together. I look forward to more!” Joey McGirr

Until next time, be well, sleep well, love well, and create something every day! ~Maria


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