New Edition of “Be Inspired!”


Whenever I get asked when I wrote my book, my answer is that it has been in the birthing process for many years. It began with my love of collecting inspiring quotes, simple creative tasks, and quite honestly, it was how creativity saved my life. It was the method I chose to get my head out of the day to day stresses of being a stay-at-home mom.

Having been in the advertising and publishing industry I decided it was time to take a direction based on passion and not on career and money. I had no idea where this would take me when I started diving into art and creative classes but I knew I was becoming a whole, happy human being again. I wondered if I felt like this, how many more people out there were simply existing without this simple gift of using their creative powers. One thing led to another and I began sharing my content as I composed a simple workshop. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that what I was sharing and teaching was such an important aspect of everyones life and yet often ignored. Like a gift you know you deserve but somehow feel a little guilty splurging on yourself.

After a couple of years of using my book, I am excited to have a new edition coming soon. It will be available on Amazon before December.  If you decide to explore your creative paths using my book, I thank you in advance. I wish you as much joy, self-discovery, and love & passion as I have experienced on my journey with creativity.

 Until next time, be well, sleep well, love well, and create something every day! ~Maria




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