The Tradition of Love

P1030546Many years ago when my children were young I started a tradition on Valentine’s Day. I would prepare a lasagna dinner and bake a heart shape chocolate cake. The cake was from a mix but my frosting is to die for! The table was set beautifully with a nice white tablecloth, candles, pretty napkins and everyone had a small gift bag filled with small gift items and candy at their place. They loved the excitement of this.

I got this idea from someone I heard on the radio one day and what a beautiful thing this turned out to be! I wanted to be sure to celebrate love with those who mean the most to me right here at home. My kids are young adults now but tonight I received flowers from my oldest daughter. I just had to share her note to me:

“One of my favorite days growing up was Valentine’s day – with lasagna and chocolate heart cake. More than that, you made it so special by loving us so well and sweetly. Wish I was there to give these to you in person. Love you Mom! -Love, Cole”

It’s days like this that I know I did something right. This absolutely made my day!

Until next time, be well, sleep well, love well, and create something every day! ~Maria



  1. We have a very similar tradition. We have always shared it with the children over a beautiful meal and appreciation for one another. I too, hope they have fond memories of the seemingly “little things”. What a beautiful note, I am sure it meant the world.

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