The Story Behind The Art

I am always fascinated by the stories behind art, whether it be music, photography, fine art, or whatever type of art. As co-founder of, my role in interviewing artists opened my eyes to the beauty of bringing forth the story behind a creation. This is what inspired me to write a short paragraph for each of my pieces, telling the story behind the image. I print this story out and tape it to the back of the art.

Here are a few of my creations with their story.DSC_6700

“I took these photos while walking the streets of Montreal Canada on a rainy day. As a tourist and artist I was out to photograph as much as I could, hoping the weather would cooperate. Sometimes the simplest and most unexpected images turn out to be some of the best. As it turned out, the overcast weather was perfect! I didn’t have to do any editing to this image.” -Maria Gatling

Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 8.24.59 AM

“Love! I am fascinated with love and all that entails it. The way it makes me feel and act is a such a strong driving force in my life and yet it still escapes me for words. All the different forms of love still come down to one thing….a love for something or someone, no matter what kind of love, it’s still love. And so after photographing most of the alphabet in architectural detail, I chose to spell LOVE. I photographed these on a beautiful sunny day on South Congress.” ~Maria


“I love taking a drive in the Texas Hill Country in the Spring! I love how all the colors in the horizon compliment each other and fill the view that I see out my window. I prefer to paint something as I see it and not as a photograph would depict it. I call this “Hill Country Blues”. ~Maria

“I’m interested only in expressing basic human emotions: tragedy, ecstasy, doom and so on…there is no such thing as a good painting about nothing.” Mark Rothko

Until next time, be well, sleep well, love well, and create something every day! ~Maria



  1. Love your works and the stories behind them. Yes, I understand that in the gallery world, stories are part of selling artwork – or rather making a connection with viewers and ultimately the person adopting the art and giving it a home.

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