How To Be Inspired With Travel

A Photo Journal of My California Travels

Since June, I have been to California every month. My husband travels on business and I have joined him to merely take advantage of exploring the beauty of nature that surrounds San Jose. From the redwoods to the Pacific, I have taken in the weather, the beauty, and many photos!

In June we landed in San Francisco, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, and drove to Bodega Bay for lunch. We attended a concert at The Mountain Winery to listen to Three Dog Night and CCR. We made smores out on the hotel patio and of course you have to visit a local winery because they are everywhere! We took a quick drive over to Santa Cruz and strolled the Boardwalk. Photographing the Pacific does not do it justice but of course I have a ton of ocean photos! Ending our evenings with a stroll on Santa Cruz Ave. in Los Gatos, I just had to photograph the old theatre still in use.

So far Im not in the least bit bored with California and I hope you are not either. We got lucky in San Francisco and got to stop by the annual Haight Ashbury festival before we caught our flight back home. I got to visit with my friend Ann while in Sunnyvale at the historic Murphy Avenue. You cannot visit California without going to the farmers market! Delicious! And of course the Pacific always call me back! The wind surfers and Pigeon Point are a must to stop and observe!

And so at last we took all four of our young adult children to see and experience the natural beauty we were so excited about. I love that my kids played on the beach, took walks among the redwoods, and also captured images so they too can have memories to remind them of this beautiful time we had together.

Besides having photos to remind me of precious moments, I like to use my photos to make my own cards. On the back of the card I like to write a sentence or two describing where I was and maybe what I felt or thought about the place on the photo.

I hope you’ve been inspired to photograph your travels whether near or far. Inspiration is everywhere! Until next time….

Be well, sleep well, love well, and be inspired to create something every day! ~Maria

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