How To Discover The Secret To Creative Freedom!

My friend Katherine Torrini is offering a 30 day Juicy Journal e-course and I am honored to be one of her guests! I’ll see you on the online class forum if you join the class.

30-day Creativity Feast: Nov 1-30, 2012
with Journaling Crusader and Creative Life Coach, Katherine Torrini

Check out this link for more exciting, inspiring, and registration information on Katherine’s 30 day e-course:

If the descriptions below sounds like you….then let me encourage you to register now! I know I’ll be paying close attention!

“Of course you love journals! You just never actually use one

Instead you…

  • fill your shelves with blank books too gorgeous to use
  • won’t let yourself start one more journal…until you finish the last 7 that you started.
  • love buying art supplies so much …that you never actually get around to using them
  • make sure every journal page is perfect…by leaving it perfectly blank.
  • never waste art supplies–because you never let yourself use any!”


Journal Jam Virtual Event
Tele-Jam October 18, 2012

Kick Your Inner Critic out of Your Journal (and your life!)

You know how good it feels when your creativity is flowing…

§                  words “just come” and the paint brush shows you where it wants to go

§                  creative ideas pop up all day long

§                  you felt confident, inspired, overflowing with energy

You know how sucky life is when your creativity isn’t flowing…

§                  you can’t get started, or finished with anything

§                  everything–creative and otherwise–feels hard

§                  you feel discouraged, alone and full of self-doubt

When you’re stuck like this, what you need is to fill your creative “well.” Journaling is one of the very best ways to do that. But before you can make your journal a safe, replenishing haven, you need to get your Inner Critic out of the journal itself.

I love Vaporizing Inner Critics

Bring ‘em on! Join me for a powerful and inspiring Journal Jam Tele-jam October 18th, where we’ll Kick Your Inner Critic out of your Journal –and your life! You can plan to

§                  Re-write the rules for journaling–your way

§                  Lose your fear of the blank page, “wasting paper” and “messing up”

§                  Re-assign the “Journal Police” to protect you instead of criticize you

§                  find new juice in your journal and your life!

Journal Jam Virtual Event
Kick Your Inner Critic Out of Your Journal Tele-jam

WHEN: October 18th
12 noon CST/11am EST/9am MT/10am PST
Recorded call will be sent to all registered participants. You are welcome to sign up even if you can’t make the live call.



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