Find Your Vision

I was reading through Redbook magazine this morning and came across this column on their Inspiration Board: Tiny ways to make life happier, saner and sweeter. Being that it is the first day of school for many and I was in need of a posting, this was perfect!

This inspired me to bring out my vision board again. In the past, I have pinned things up on my cork board and months later realized that some of those things came to be. I think I need some magic in my life right now!

Enjoy and be inspired!

“Looking for a memorable way to mark the start of school? Every fall, blogger Karen Walrond and her 8-year-old daughter make ‘vision boards’ full of pictures of their hopes and dreams for the year. ‘We put them in prominent places, and at the end of the school year we measure how much we made happen,’ Karen says. ‘Usually we’re surprised by how much we’ve accomplished. I think it’s because they remind us to work toward our goals–but my daughter just thinks the boards are magic. We’re both probably right.’ ”

“Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.” Jonathan Swift

Be well, sleep well, love well, and be inspired to create something every day! -Maria



  1. We have used vision boards for many years and have just recently updated ours. I think it is nice to have a clear view of where you want to be and where your priorities are, but the dreams are sometimes the things that get over looked in every day life. Posting, sharing, setting goals and simply dreaming on your board puts the energy out there and makes it so. Great post!

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