Creative Cookery

Photo of Gina’s salad shown above.

Last night I decided to attend a cooking class of a different kind. Cooking for me is a challenge to say the least! I think I make more of a mess than it’s worth….unless I’m making a salad, sandwich, or a smoothie. Cooking is however, a creative outlet for many and I do like food so I’m not completely taking it off my list. It was much fun learning from Gina Waterfield! One of the things I love about Gina is that she is a photographer and taking pictures of her creations is one of her creative outlets as well.  These photos were taken by her!

 “I hosted my first cooking class (Cooking 101) after years of imagining it and enjoyed every second of it, thanks to my initial group of willing students.  All of whom CREATE every single day, as we all do. Sometimes without even realizing it!  

 Not only do I love the process, and end results, but I am a budding food photographer as well, and absolutely see the art and beauty in food!

Cooking is an art that nourishes us not only physically, but emotionally as well and I personally find real joy teaching anyone willing to lend an ear, and love sharing what I believe is one of the most profound traditions we can pass on. Many thanks to those who light my FIRE!” Gina Marie Waterfield

Be Well, Sleep Well, Love Well, and Be Inspired to Create Something Every Day! -Maria


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