“Steal Like An Artist” belongs in everyone’s collection!

I recently bought both of Austin Kleon’s books and just simply love them both, but “Steal Like An Artist” is a must have! I have to say it is the best book in this category and it will never leave my studio!

Austin Kleon is a writer and artist living in Austin, Texas. He’s the author of ” Newspaper Blackout” and “Steal Like An Artist.  steallikeanartist.com

“You don’t need to be a genius, you just need to be yourself. That’s the message from Austin Kleon, a young writer and artist who knows that creativity is everywhere, creativity is for everyone. A manifesto for the digital age, Steal Like an Artist is a guide whose positive message, graphic look and illustrations, exercises, and examples will put readers directly in touch with their artistic side.” (from Amazon)

So get going and buy the book…Use it…Be Inspired!
Be Well, Love Well, And Create Something Every Day! – Maria


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