Believe & Be Grateful!

It’s mid January and I’m just getting around to posting a blog. The truth is, I go up and down with writing a post and finding the words I believe will be of interest to you! So today I’m simply updating you on what’s been happening since my last post. As you may know, my creativity sessions based on my book are part of what I do. But really, what do I do? Since my last post when I told you about my “Poppies” painting being selected as the signature piece for the Round Rock Arts 2012, I have been thinking about and finally doing some revisions to my book; and it all came together in a few days. I have a new cover design thanks to my daughter, Nicole Williams. I don’t know what I would do without her! I also added a few more activity pages inside. As for my painting, I feel that I’ve been in a rut with that so I signed up for three art classes at AMOA this spring and really looking forward to that!

Some artists may “know” what and how to plan their work. I’m not so good at that and frankly, I like the excitement of Not Knowing! I like that most of my ideas come to me in a moment but really they’ve been brewing for some time! I like how conversation with a dear friend can trigger a thought in my mind that helps me with this. I like how love and passion make me want to direct that energy into my work. In a conversation with a friend yesterday, I mentioned that my thought for the day and days to come was to simply believe that it was going to be a great year. I know believing in itself is not enough, you must take action.

This morning I received notice that my “Poppies” sold! Yes, about a month before the Imagine event!

So today, my words to live by are “Believe & Be Grateful”!

For more information on my book and sessions, visit my website.


  1. Great news about your painting!! And good that you will be taking the painting classes! Sometimes I think we need that little “push” to do what we know we want to do, just sometimes it’s hard to just go for it. Can’t wait to see the updates to your book! šŸ™‚

  2. Awesome news Maria on the sale of your painting! That’s a grand thrill I’m sure.

    Fredda tells me Ava is in town for a few days. I’m sure you two gals have gotten together. Enjoy the moment and as you say, “Be grateful”.

    Enjoy the New Year of 2012; let’s both make it a GREAT ONE!!
    Love ya,
    Pam in KS

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