“Happy Anniversary”

My daughter Nicole Williams wrote this today and I decided to share it with you since today is my wedding anniversary.

“Today marks 27 years of marriage for my mom and dad. I could write a lot of commentary about how rare this is in our current society where 40-50% of marriages end in divorce and how the institution itself seems to have lost its sacredness.

I think it goes without saying that to claim 27 years of marriage is rare and something to be proud of.

What I am more interested in writing about is how their 27 years makes me a better person. I don’t really tell my parent’s this, but each year they are married and together is a gift to me. For 26 years I’ve got to be a witness and observer to my parent’s relationship. I’ve watched them fight, work things out, struggle financially, fight tooth and nail for our family, discipline me and my siblings, go on dates, learn together, grow, explore, kiss in the kitchen, laugh together, and essentially- create and hold a family together.

You see the rarity is not only in them being able to claim 27 years of marriage in a divorce populated society. The real diamond in this is that my 2 brothers, sister and I have spent our lives with these two people learning what it means to be a wife, husband, mother, father, lover and friend. I can say with confidence, we’ve had damn good teachers.

My parents aren’t perfect by any means. They’ve messed up and fallen down, but what I respect about them is that they’ve kept moving forward and they’ve been rewarded in that. Failures and setbacks, they keep getting up and moving forward and I’ve learned that often, our victory is in the moving forward. Success happens when we let ourselves fail, get up, learn and keep going. It’s lessons like this that are priceless to me and make me a better woman, friend, worker, sister, daughter and one day, wife.

When I was a kid, I thought my parents were dumb and didn’t know anything. Now that I am in my 20’s and have seen a little bit of this world, I think they hold a wealth of wisdom that I envy and cherish.

My dad has taught me what it means to be strong, work hard, take risks and educate myself well. My mom has taught me what it means to be a woman. She is graceful, kind and beautiful, but she doesn’t take shit from anyone. It’s this graceful strength gentle beauty that gives her a mystery and class that so many young women lack. I count myself blessed to be a part of both of them and to be called their daughter.

Today is not just an anniversary. Today is a reminder that we all leave legacies. We all create relationships and families-it’s just a question of how and what we create. For the next couple of days, my parents will hear “happy anniversary!” and “27 years, wow! That’s great!”. My hope is that during the rest of their lives, they’ll hear an echo of the legacy they’ve created from me and my siblings.”

Be Well, Sleep Well, Love Well, and Be Inspired to Create Something Every Day! – Maria



  1. What a great commentary on an institution I wish more people understood and valued. Maria, you two raised four kids who are as bright as the diamond on your finger and can survive in a world that struggles like families do. Congratulations! And Nicole, I love how you put these syllables on paper and told your parents what the nest they made–means to you.

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