Creating One Small Thing…Every Day

I was unable to sleep one night…waking up at 3:00 a.m., my mind racing with ideas! It must have been the espresso after dinner but it was worth it. I spent so much time putting my Be Inspired – Create Something Every Day book and yet I have never posted a blog documenting something that falls into that idea of “creating one small thing every day….What have I been thinking! So here you have it….my week of creating one small thing….every day.

Sunday: One of my own exercises from my book:

Monday: Made a birthday card for a friend….actually made two….picked one.

Tuesday: Went out on my patio…took a picture of one of my plants.

Wednesday: Because it’s about learning to see correctly, I drew this fish upside down.

Thursday: Bought some flowers….put them in a vase….took a picture.

Friday: Finished up a brochure I created for a local family owned dry cleaners.

Saturday: Baked a potato dish and made my own mix of seasoning for it….and for those of you who know me….that’s creating a lot in the kitchen!

…and finally, I created this blog post to share with you! What are your thoughts on this? I challenge you to document for yourself, one small thing you create every day. Have fun with it!

If you haven’t visited my web site, please take a minute to check it out:

Have a great week and Be Inspired to Create Something Every Day! -Maria



  1. Love this. It’s a good reminder that being creative isn’t always about a big project – the little things are nice too 🙂

  2. Thank you, Maria for inspiring us! It’s such a good idea to slow down and appreciate all of the small, beautiful, and creative things that we all do each and every day!

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