“Girl Meets Boy”

“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.”      Vernon Howard

It’s been an interesting week! My daughter Rebecca and I took a short trip to Denver this past week to check out Johnson & Wales University. After taking a campus tour in the snow, we got to sit in one of the fashion merchandising classes. The students were working on Trend Boards and as I watched Michael and Alex (shown above) putting their board together it hit me that we are constantly learning and have many opportunities to learn and create something every day! The theme for Michael and Alex’s board was “Girl Meets Boy” to show how womens clothing is being influenced and accessorized by mens clothing. I thought their theme board was so clever!

I was inspired once I got home, to put a few things together from my closet which may have a little of that influence. Not totally influenced by the masculine but a balance of feminine and masculine.

Professor Shawne Ahlenius was anything but dull! She kept the class moving with excitement and enthusiasm for what she teaches. I thoroughly enjoyed her class.

She wrote these design principals on the board as a reminder to the students for the project they were working on but I got to thinking that these principals can apply to so many other areas of design as well as life itself.

Design Principals: Balance; Emphasis; Proportion; Rhythm; Harmony; Color

I love learning new things and being reminded of basic principals. It always inspires me!

What’s in your closet that might fit this design trend?

I’ve made a couple of changes on my web site, so if you have a minute check it out: http://www.mariagatling.com

Be Well, Sleep Well, and Be Inspired to Create Something Every Day! -Maria



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