“We Aren’t Hoarders, We’re Art Collectors”

This is a guest post from my daughter, Nicole Gatling Williams. I hope you enjoy this as much I do! Nicole is a photographer/artist living her life here in Austin. To see her work, visit her site: http://www.nwdphotography.com/

Tonight I helped a friend with an art project and when I walked her out the door there was a globe by the curb in front of the house. It danced back and forth between the gutter and the pavement while the street lamp lit it up like a performer on stage. I couldn’t stop looking at it. 
I had seen it earlier when I went for a run and thought it was kind of odd for this globe to be rolling down the street, but didn’t give it much of a second thought (although I’ve always wanted a vintage globe like this one).

But, when I saw it again tonight I shouted at my friend, “Hailey, look at that globe! Is it weird that I want it?”
She said “I saw it earlier….take it. We’ll do something cool with it.”

This is not uncommon for me, since my mother has a second hand surf board in her backyard that she found laying out by the street one day. She passed down the gene of seeing potential and beauty in what other people might deem as, “trash”. Don’t worry-we aren’t hoarders, we’re art collectors. 

Without hesitation, I ran down the driveway like a kid running towards the ice cream truck and scooped up the globe in my arms and brought it upstairs into my room. 

I couldn’t help but think that this globe rolling into the side walk of my parent’s house like a lost puppy was not a coincidence. 
Life is really messy, chaotic and unexpected things happen without giving us time to prepare for them. However, in the midst of that, if I keep a positive attitude, I gain the most valuable thing during a foggy time: Clarity. 
Clarity that the world is at my fingertips and good things might be unexpectedly rolling down the sidewalk straight towards me… like a yellow vintage globe in the middle of a suburban street. 
Unexpected, beautiful and too good to pass up. When that happens, run down the street and scoop them up. 

It might just be a globe that didn’t get sold in last weekend’s garage sale and so Susie home-maker left it on the curb and it drifted my way, because the wind was blowing west. But maybe this ordinary thing was a signal of a much bigger concept. Tonight this globe is my reminder that good things are barreling towards me and to not hesitate to run towards them, full steam ahead.

“There are no guarantees in life except change. But will we jump on and embrace change and see where our passion will take us, or will we cling cautiously to the past and to that which is known and safe? Passion dies in an environment of fear and a yearning for guarantees and certainty.” Brene Brown



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