Fighting Resistance

This past week has been my time to fight resistance! I’ve had several unfinished projects haunting me and staring at me every day for several months now. When you finally get to the point where you just can’t take it any more, you just have to focus and knock them out one by one.
The painting of the woman shown above had been sketched and put aside for months until my daughter Nicole pushed me to work on it together. We finished it in about 35 minutes and it felt great!

I purchased this chair on Craig’s list several months ago but didn’t like the color. I painted it a very light blue and re-upholstered it with a blue velvet. It’s my new office chair. Here’s a before and after picture.
I also bought this bench on Craig’s list and re-upholstered it with the same blue velvet.

I started this cork project about 3 weeks ago with a bag full of corks I’ve been saving for some time. I hot glued these corks on an 18 x 24 inch canvas and used every single cork in the bag! This is a special piece because every cork is from a bottle of wine we shared with friends and or family, sitting around the table or out on our patio, listening to music and sharing some great conversation and laughs!

“We cannot let external criticism, even if it’s true, fortify our internal foe.
That foe is strong enough already.” Steven Pressfield

What projects do you have waiting to be conquered?


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