How To Make A Neighborhood Trip An Adventure

Last summer, regardless of the heat, my dear friend Nikki Dowd and I headed out for the day with our cameras and no plan. We met interesting people, had lunch at a local restaurant and took some interesting photos. Yesterday we set out to experience the same kind of adventure with no plan. We ended up in the Crestview neighborhood and had a fantastic experience! We had a delicious lunch at Little Deli and had a great conversation with the owner, Tony. If you google Little Deli, you will find that is has a 5 star rating and many reviews! Well deserved! Check out their site for more information:

We also went into the Barber Shop and the Beauty Salon and met the barbers and the beautician.

Here are my pics from our little neighborhood adventure.

What are some of your neighborhood adventures?

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One comment

  1. Loved my August 2011 day with you Sophia Maria. It’s so much fun to go out for a day with a bestie with no particular place to go. I loved driving through my old Highland Park neighborhood and hope we can take a tour of the home on Perry Lane soon – You and Roy will love it.
    And Tony is one passionate culinary artist!

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