Going Beyond The Canvas

I’ve been adding blog postings on my  site: Maria’s NEW website and blog For me, the whole meaning of “Beyond The Canvas” was that I wanted to stretch my own creativity in ways that are beyond my paintings on canvas. My book, “Be Inspired! Create Something Every Day” is about finding countless ways to express your creativity. Here are a few examples.

Traveling Light: How do you travel? Do you pack a lot or like to carry on? I personally like to carry on. These are a few of my favorite items to carry on.

I recently bought these shoes, Jambu sportsider mesh slip-on from http://www.dsw.com/ and really like that they not only look good but are not bulky so they’re easy to pack. And hey, that design at the bottom of the shoes is pretty cool.



Another one of my favorites is the chilly jilly. I own one in black and carry it with me almost everywhere I go. You never know when you’ll need it and it looks really nice with a dress or a t-shirt. It rolls up nicely and doesn’t wrinkle.  You can find these at: https://www.chillyjilly.com/





A camera is a must! Need I say more.





I also like to carry a moleskine and a few colored pencils to sketch and escape a little further for the moment.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller



The Postcard: Here’s how I was inspired by one small postcard given to me by a girlfriend. The image on the postcard just seemed to fit with these pieces of jewelry. This small area by my bathroom sink was blank and I was in need of a shelf for some of my favorite things in here. It’s a simple thing but yet it inspires me and I love looking at this image. One small change can make a difference for your small space and if you get tired of it, it’s easy to change it out. Look around your stuff and see what items inspire you. It may be time to bring them out where you can see them.





Changing The Mood in the Bedroom: I love evenings in my bedroom! It’s where we come to relax in many ways and I like for the mood of my bedroom to reflect a calm, simple, modern feel. I recently made some minor changes to the decor of the room and wanted to show you some of the before and after.

The steps I took to do this:
Materials: metallic quick dry spray paint; painters tape; plastic bag
Insert the lamp cord in the bag and tape it up; Also mask off the top part of the lamp where the bulb goes.
Spray the lamp and let it dry.

Another minor but yet dramatic change is the color of the drapes. I had these gold/wheat velvet drapes and replaced them with off white linen drapes I purchased at Ikea for a price you just can’t beat.


What do you think?

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