A New Day For My Book

Recently I had a couple of friends ask me what I wanted to do. Nothing gets you thinking about that like a friend asking you that question to your face. I got home and had a brain storming session with my husband. That led to a complete overhaul of my website. Of course, I couldn’t stop there, so I took some of these changes and revised my book. My creative juices have been flowing for the past few days and it feels great! All of this just in time for my session coming up next week for a group at Dell.

Here are a few screen shots of a few pages from “Be Inspired”. I’ve also reduced the price, so if you want to check it out, go to “Book” section on my web site.

Maria’s NEW website and blog



  1. Congratulations! I can’t wait to get back from vacation and have coffee with you to hear all about it!

    Let me know how I can be helping you in the meantime!

    Ripple On my friend!

  2. Maria…thanks for sending those pages…very nice! A great look, sound advice, useful tips…
    Something I really like about you is that you consciously think about creativity…and share!
    More soon

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