Different Strokes for Different Folks

How do you learn best? Are you the type to “feel it” or do you need more specifics? The thing is, we all have our unique ways of teaching and learning, but I personally love it when I hear a teacher expressing their philosophy of teaching in a way that is so unique and personal to them. That, to me is a way of really giving the student more of who you are. I am also co-founder of http://www.austin-artists.com and so I get to meet and interview some great artists of all kinds! Among them are some wonderful artist who also teach. Some of these are: Kathleen McElwaine, watercolor artist at http://www.buspaintings.blogspot.com.

Micheal Hammons

When it comes to teaching music, I really liked what Van Wilks had to say about that. You can watch all these interviews on http://www.austin-artists.com

Also, as an artist myself, I do pick up some tips that are gems! One was from an interview with artist Gregory Truett Smith talking about one of his professors who recommended to his students that they “put a surprise into every painting” to make their work more interesting.

I was talking with a friend who has two boys. One loves realistic art and the other loves abstract as well as graphic design. If you have young children, try to be aware of which direction your children are taking and nurture them in their preference of style. Find the right teacher for them.

Something to think about: “It takes skill to bring something you’ve imagined into the world….It is developed through exercise, through repetition….And it takes time….Everything that happens in my day is a transaction between the external world and my internal world. Everything is raw material. Everything is relevant. Everything is usable. Everything feeds into my creativity.” from “The Creative Habit – Learn it and use it for life” by Twyla Tharp.

Who are some of your favorite teachers and why?


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  1. For the past 3 months, I’ve worked with Ed Povey, international master artist…life Coach. He has 4-ever changed ME and my artwork…he will carry you thru a phenominal process…. No matter what course u pick!! He ignited my soul thru many different approaches…using my bodyl and my hands!!!! Check out workshops in Wimberly & through A.V.A.A.–SEE 4 u-self!!

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