Typography task with “Love”

As I was looking through my workbook and thinking of what to post this week, I was inspired by this typography task for you. Since we are getting close to Valentine’s Day, I thought this would be fun. So here’s the actual exercise from my workbook and above is what I did this morning using the word “LOVE”. Give it a shot and have some fun with it!

Your Creative Task For Today:
Letters and numbers are beautiful and artistic but we usually don’t notice.

Type the word “love” using at least 24 point type. Copy and paste it 10 times on a single page.
Select a different font  and size for each one.
Now select a different color for each one. You can play with it by rotating your text.

Notice the difference in the fonts, looking at the details of the letters. By doing this exercise, you will become more aware of the design elements in your publications.

What typography tips do you want to share?

Have a wonderful and creative day! Remember, be well, sleep well and create something every day!


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