Tiny Pieces are the Seeds for Big Ideas

“Reason is powerless in the expression of Love.”  Rumi

I was recently asked to be a juror with Jann Alexander for her upcoming exhibit “The Tiny Show. Tiny Art for Big Hearts”. I am honored to be a part of that, but also excited about the exhibit. I love creating tiny pieces in my pocket moleskine notebooks. For me they are simply ideas that I may or may not use for bigger pieces on canvas. For example, the piece shown above “My Big Heart” started with a tiny color pencil in my notebook.

Here are some of my other sketches from my small notebook. Keep in mind that these are by no means finished pieces. They are simply quick sketches for me to use as a source for paintings.

These last two images: my small color pencil sketch and my painting (not finished) 36″x48″

If you are an artist and want to submit, go to this link for all details: http://austindetailsart.com/calendar/events/?event_id=56

The Tiny Show. Tiny Art for Big Hearts To Show Their Love for Valentine’s Day

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 10, 2011;  6:00PM-08:00PM

The exhibit opens just in the nick of time to dazzle your sweetheart with a tiny jewel of original art for Valentine’s Day, with some sweet entertainment and sweet treats to put us all in a romantic mood. Yes, the art will be tiny in size—but big on sentiment.

For More Information, go to: http://austindetailsart.com/calendar/events/?event_id=24


  1. so glad to have you as a juror for The Tiny Art exhibit (opens February 10, I know you’ll be there to talk about inspiring ideas with the other artists, Maria! thanks for being a part of our art.

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