My father’s legacy

My father passed away Dec. 19th at the age of 89. At his passing, he had approximately 25 family members at his bedside! He went peacefully with many prayers, much love, and hopefully no pain in the end. He had a beautiful life and because of the fruit of their labor and love (my mother passed away 11 years ago),  my siblings and I have also had and continue to have a beautiful life as well. For that, I am eternally grateful! As I was thinking of all that my dad had experienced in his lifetime and all the people who came to pay their respects, it was clear that my father was loved by many! It got me to thinking of something I had written down some time ago in my little red notebook about choosing our legacy. I don’t remember where I heard this but here it is:

“Choose Your Legacy. This is all about the deathbed test. Will loved ones describe you in terms of what you bought for yourself, or will they talk about who you were and how fiercely you loved? Make that question your guidepost – your life will be richer for it.”

My father had a passion for life! He never failed to ask me how my art was coming along and was always very supportive of that for as long as I can remember. As I look back at my dad and mom’s life, there is no doubt that their legacy was about love.



  1. Your father sounded like an amazing man! Clearly the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    Thanks for sharing such a great post.

    You and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Hugs and Ripples headed your way!

  2. Maria Sophia – How beautiful their legacy is. They inspired and created something every day! It’s no wonder their children are so successful and full of life and energy.

    Family is the fruit of life. Nothing can take its place.

    I do love you.

  3. Well said about your dad….He loved his family with a passion. Provided his children with a work ethic that is modeled by his children and grandchildren.
    He was blessed with much and his life was full….His fruit lives on with his passion for life.
    God bless all and may we never forget that at the end of life it is family that provides us with its riches. We will miss his sense of humor but we know that it lives on with his family.
    Lots of Love,

  4. This was so well stated, Maria. Reminds all of us to also let those we love to hear that we appreciate them every, precious day.

  5. Wow! Powerful! Thought-Provoking! One thing I have learned in the past 20+ years of being part of this family is that there are very few families like you all. The love and support you all have for each other is obvious to so many. I am very lucky to be a part of it. Thank you for letting me in…

  6. I appreciate this entry about your dad’s legacy. How dear.

    As I’ve lost several near and dear to me, it’s become increasingly clear over the years, as you stated, how important love is…in fact, love really is the only thing that matters. It sounds clique, but it’s really true. When someone dies, the thing they want you to remember is not how much they are worth or what they’ve accomplished… rather, they always seem to ask, do you know how much I love you, my darling?! I didn’t get to say goodbye to my dad when he passed, but I take heart in remembering that he knew how much I loved him!

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