Looking through your lens

I was out and about downtown Austin yesterday and was so enjoying the weather, the partly cloudy skies and just feeling like life is good! I almost always carry my camera when I go downtown because you never know what you’ll see as you’re driving around. I try to take pics even at stop lights with my window rolled down but sometimes it’s best and safer to pull over. As I was looking up at the sky, I couldn’t help but feel that this crane has been a fixture in our skyline lately. So I took a few pics to see the art in it.
These are a few of my photos. I hope you are inspired to just take photos everywhere you go of anything and everything. You never know what you’ll capture.

“Red, White, & Blue”

“Specs of Orange”

(b&w image, different view, same bldg)

“Red, White & Blue” (2)

“Red, White, & Blue” (3)

“School Bus” (at a stop light, rolled down my window, got a few shots)

What inspires you to take photos when you’re out and about?


What do you think?

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