Audrey Hepburn in My Guest Bath

What do you do when you want to “girlie” up your bathroom but don’t want  to run your husband off? That’s exactly what I was wanting to do so I did it with my guest bath. I was inspired by a perfume bottle/box “Viva La Juicy” because I love the hot pink on the package.

I took it from there and then used pages from an Audrey Hepburn book which I took apart and framed.

After framing my pages, I decided I needed a hot pink canvas with a chandelier image. I took a 24″x36″ canvas, painted it hot pink, and used a vinyl transfer chandelier I purchased at Hobby Lobby. The canvas with the hot pink towel and rug added the final touch. Now I am looking for empty perfume bottles to go on that shelf.

I enjoyed reading about Audrey Hepburn and some of the films she did. And now my guests will enjoy some movie trivia as well! Did you know William Holden felt she was the love of his life?


What do you think?

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