Boost Your Creativity

For the past five years or so, my interest in the subject of creativity and how to nurture it has led me to speaking and writing on the subject.  I have been reading about it, collecting tips, quotes and exercises to boost people’s creative process.  The following quote conveys how I feel about this subject!

“You keep the creative power alive by using it. The more you use this creative power, the more you have! Art, music, literature is sharing a live, alternating current; passing swiftly between teller and listener. There is something necessary and life giving about creative work (a state of excitement). It is like a faucet – nothing comes unless you turn it on, and the more you turn it on, the more it comes.” – Brenda Ueland, author of “If You Want To Write”

I frequently get asked for simple tips on how to boost creativity, so here’s a few:

Keep a small design notebook with you at all times. When you are struck by an idea or you see great design, write it down and do quick sketches.

Create a vision board (you can use a bulletin cork board). Fill it with compelling and inspiring images as well as words and quotes that may help you develop your sense of creativity.

Keep an idea binder where you collect images from magazines or from web sites.  When you are looking for an idea, you can flip through it for quick inspiration.

Take a class: Continue to learn and have fun in the process.

Take your camera everywhere. Just take lots of photos throughout your day. Use your photos to make your own cards.

Make it a point to go on “artist dates” such as attending a concert, a play, a museum or art gallery. Try simply going to the bookstore to look through magazines for quick inspiration.

I conduct a workshop on nurturing your creative side. “Be Inspired…Create Something Everyday” notes, quotes, exercises and tips to help you “create something everyday” is the title of my notebook. It’s also the essence of my blog came and a big part of my life.

I hope these tips have helped you. Have a wonderful and creative week!


  1. You mentioned all of my favorite things to do to nurture creativity and I’ll add one more I thought of while reading your blog. I love to touch the paper I use. It is an imagination activity because white paper needs my attention. Sometimes I get the book out that I have for making notes of my ideas of things to paint and I sit and do thumb nail sketches until I can’t draw anymore I must go see what it will look like in color. Thank you for spending time on this subject.

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