Finding My Way

I just got back from spending one week in California. I read this book on my way there, highlighting words of wisdom that seem to speak to me…words I want to remember. I had a few days in Santa Barbara with my dear friend Ava, who recommended I read this book. The walks on the beach, with the sound of the ocean is something I really love, especially in the cool weather!

These walks were a good time to reflect on what I had read. I want to share some of these, written by Oriah in her book, “The Invitation” because I feel that in some way they do help me with a more open and clear vision of what it means to “find my way”.

“We know that what we do and how we think affect the quality of our lives. Many things are clearly up to us. And many others are not….My invitation, my challenge to you here, is to journey into a deeper intimacy with the world and your life without any promise of safety or guarantee of reward beyond the intrinsic value of full participation…..Life lived intimately may not be easier. But it is fuller, richer and more open to everything: the confusion and the insight, the excitement and the boredom, the shadow and the light….When we meet, I don’t want to ask you what you do for a living….Tell me something you have not told yourself for a very long time….There have been moments when I was afraid my longing would never find me again….All my journeys have been in search of the desires I have abandoned.”

This book was very inspiring for me! Check it out:

I always appreciate and love reading your comments! I’d really like to know what your thoughts are.



  1. Maria Sophia,
    I am glad you had some downtime. You have been such a busy woman all summer. We do get wrapped up in what we do and often forget the why. That is the one reason each of my lesson plans begins with: WHY are we doing this?

    Call me soon so we can visit and laugh!


  2. Great Post!! I just finished reading this book and I cannot express in words the power that “The Invitation” holds. I seek living an authentic life, a simpler life and this book brings good insights as to how to begin! I highly recommend it!

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