Inspiration from an unlikely source

I watched this movie recently and it is a GREAT film! In this video clip, you’ll see one of the actors writing in his journal. Take a close look at how detailed it is, with drawings and photos!

I loved this part….wishing I could have held it in my hands and flipped through the pages myself. At the beginning of this film, you do get a glimpse of his girlfriend slowly flipping through the pages and again, I wanted to at least slow that down so I could get a better look at his journal.

My point is that I was so inspired by this film to get a little more detailed in my notebooks where I write and sketch, and tape stuff. This is also about what you leave behind when you’re gone. You never know who will be flipping through your pages one day.

What are some of your favorite ways to journal? Any tips you want to share?



  1. Great post and I will absolutely have to check out that movie! Thanks for the bit of inspiration.

    I have always looked at a journal as the window to the writer’s soul. In today’s world of technology we’ve gotten away from such activities and that’s sad. I think there is something empowering about holding a journal in your hand as you head out into the world to see what you can see. What a great reminder that inspiration is all around us and having something like a journal at the ready to capture it is so important!

    Ripple On!!!

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