Wall of Friends

Recently, I had most of my home painted and from that always comes some rearranging of stuff on the walls. As an artist I’m always moving my art around and using my own walls to “store” my paintings. I have many artist friends whom I love dearly and got to thinking that I’d love to have a small piece of art/drawing from my art friends so I can frame and hang in my dining room. I’m even asking some of my friends who think they’re not artistic to give it a shot. I believe everyone has some artistic talent in them.

I received a really nice surprise last week on facebook. Kathleen McElwaine, who is known as the Bus Paintings artist did a watercolor painting of me based on my facebook profile photo. Check out her site: http://www.kmcelwaine.com/

She was kind enough to send me the original and as it turns out, this will be part of my collection of art on my “Wall of Friends”. The ceramics shown below were given to me by my friend Sonya Mendeke.

I’ll keep you posted as I collect more.


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