Vision Board

I’ve been asked, “exactly what is a vision board?” You probably have had one in the past and didn’t realize that it is nothing more than a bulletin cork board. I’ve been working on my “Be Inspired” Notebook lately, wrapping up the final changes and getting ready to print. As I was going through the pages I thought I’d share this from my notebook with you.
Creativity Tip:
Create a vision board using a bulletin cork board. Put compelling images and inspiring words or quotes to help you develop your sense of creativity.
The photo shown above is mine and continually changes.
Helpful Notes:
Strive for Excitement! Instead of asking “What do I want or what are my goals” ask “What would excite me?” (from The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss)



    1. Yes Greta, I think you’ll love it and using push pins makes it so easy to move things around and change it up. I also collaged b/w images to the frame part of the board.

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