The Power of Doodling

I read about this book in a recent issue of “Real Simple” and decided to check it out.
The author/illustrator, Andrew Pinder provides pages of ways to wake up the brain during telephone downtime. The Telephone Doodle Book contains more than 150 incomplete doodles to get you started. This clever collection is designed to unleash your inner artist, whether you sketch like Picasso or simply have itchy fingers, The Telephone Doodle Book will get a pen in your hands and stir creativity.
From the beautifully drawn to the wickedly witty, his starting points will inspire serene scenes, funny cartoons, or scribbled jumbles of surrealistic triumph. The ideal way to burn off pent-up nervous energy and relieve stress, it offers a brilliant, artistic antidote to “hold” music.
Certainly worth checking out!

Here’s a doodle from my “Be Inspired” notebook for you to finish.
You can turn the image in whatever direction you want. There is no “right side up” here. You can add a face, legs, hair or whatever you imagine this can be.

So tell me, do you doodle?


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