Spontaneous Creativity

Sometimes when I’m in a rut, the best thing I can do is just take my camera and go out without a plan. Monday was one of those days that turned out perfect for my friend Nikki and I. The only plan we had was that we were going out for the day and we were going to take lots of pictures! Nikki is a very friendly and talkative woman! Thanks to her, we struck up some very interesting conversations along the way. Meeting people and listening to their stories was a big part of the fun.
So I share this with you to encourage you to invite a friend and go out for the day with your cameras, an open mind, and prepared to be lucky. These are some of my photos from our day out. Enjoy!
What helps you get out of a rut?

One comment

  1. I love it! I feel like I made the front page of a newspaper!

    Check out my blog – Just finished with the student’s assignements and included a couple of your links.

    You’re my inspiration! The word to describe us – gregarious indeed!


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