A Creative Weekend

Earlier I posted a blog on the topic of keeping the creative power alive. I’m still working on revisions for my notebook “Be Inspired….Create Something Everyday” and will keep you posted on completion.  This blog, like the notebook is meant to inspire you to do something everyday that will feed and nurture your creative side…..and we all have a creative side! This is the excerpt from “If You Want to Write”, Brenda Ueland

“You keep the creative power alive by using it. The more you use this creative power, the more you have! Art, music, literature is sharing a live, alternating current; passing swiftly between teller and listener. There is something necessary and life giving about creative work (a state of excitement). It is like a faucet – nothing comes unless you turn it on, and the more you turn it on, the more it comes.”

Here are some weekend ideas to inspire your creative side:

* Go to a museum or an art gallery.  Do a search on the web for listings and events.

* Go to a concert. Check your community paper for listings. Go to a different type of concert than what you are accustomed to.

* Take your camera and go out and take pictures.

For me, this evening of art with my group will be so inspiring!

Have a wonderful and creative weekend!


  1. You should take your camera to the UT Hotel (University and MLK) The courtyard has those same arches with a limestone fountain and a lot of neat picture opportunities. You can enter off of University ave. and then go up the grand stair case… its a hotel so you are able to walk around and no one will harass you.

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