Designing your own space

I don’t know about you, but after many years of raising children and being tight for space, I really enjoy some space of my own. After moving stuff around, moving in and out of this room, I am back to the room where I started. My husband plays guitar and I paint so we took this room that was designed to be a “formal living room” and use it as our space to do our thing. This is my photo of my space, nothing fancy but it works for me. If you are not at a place where you can do that yet, start with a corner somewhere in the house and draw out your dream space….who knows, you may be using your drawing someday to create your own space. (I started years ago with a corner in the breakfast area…had to move my stuff everyday!)

Your Creative Task For Today:
Design your own desk and work area. If you could have any room and space in your home to call your own, what would that look like. Draw it out on paper as if you were presenting it to a contractor who would be building it all for you. Go to the home improvement store and select paint samples for your wall. Have fun with it.



  1. A few years ago I started working with stained glass. It was a dream I’d had for years. That’s not something you can do just anywhere (family members frown on a shard of glass with their morning coffee). I emptied a little room we used for storage and created my very own “studio”. You are so right! Having your own space (and never having to clean it up to make room for dinner) gives you the freedom to create when the urge hits. Just walking in there is enough to inspire a new project!

  2. Well, I started clearing the closet yesterday. . . .OMG!! What have I gotten myself into !?!?!? I found some loose tape . . . Need to tape and float and fix some cracks.
    But you’re my driving force, I’m committed now!

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