Keeping it Alive!

One of my favorite non-fiction books is “If You Want to Write” by Brenda Ueland. I’m not a writer but this book is for all creative minds! Part of what I do as an artist is occasionally hold small workshops on the topic of “creativity”. I believe some form of creative outlet is essential in everyone’s life!  So today I wanted to share this excerpt from the book with you.

“You keep the creative power alive by using it. The more you use this creative power, the more you have! Art, music, literature is sharing a live, alternating current; passing swiftly between teller and listener. There is something necessary and life giving about creative work (a state of excitement). It is like a faucet – nothing comes unless you turn it on, and the more you turn it on, the more it comes.” Brenda Ueland

Creativity Tip: Keep a small design notebook with you at all times. When you are struck by an idea or you see great design, write it down and do quick sketches.

This is what I carry in my purse.

What do you think?

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