Painting Abstracts

I love abstract art but not very good at being so spontaneous so I bought this book, “Painting Abstracts, ideas, projects and techniques” by Rolina van Vliet because  I want to improve my skills with these “projects” in this book. I really like how it is set up to do one exercise at a time with such simplicity. There are 65 exercises in this book. My goal is to do 2 of the exercises per week. I first do one on acrylic paper and then attempt a second variation on canvas so I can actually have a “finished painting”.

These are the 2 I’ve completed so far. I’m not showing you exercise #1 because I hated it and put gesso over the canvas. (It became exercise #2 shown below)

At first, I was kind of frustrated treading into unknown territory but by last night, completing exercise #3, I was really getting in the groove and enjoying it. Gotta keep rolling with this so as not to lose momentum. I will keep you posted again next weekend. This is exercise #3.



  1. Nice! With you going through the exercises in the book, it reminds me of the “Julie & Julia” movie.

    The second painting reminds me of the funky little houses in South Austin 🙂

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