“The Art of the Handwritten Note”

When was the last time you sent a handwritten note to someone? In a time when it is so easy to just email or send an e-card, it is even more special to send a handwritten note. Let’s take that a step further and add some personal creativity to your card. You probably have photos of places you’ve been or interesting objects or flowers. Why not use a photo to place on the front of a blank card and write your own message inside. That will mean so much more to the person you are sending it to! I spent some time at South Padre with my sister a few summers ago. This photo may not be of high quality but using the photo to make a card was the important thing here. It’s just one of my favorite photos!

The excerpt below is from “The Art of the Handwritten Note”, a message not to be forgotten.

“A handwritten note is like dining by candlelight instead of flicking on the lights, like making a gift instead of ordering a product, like taking a walk instead of driving. Handwritten notes will add a lot to your life. You can still use the telephone or the Web for the daily chores of staying in touch, but for the words that matter, it’s courteous, classy, caring, and civilized to pick up a pen.” Margaret Shepherd -The Art of the Handwritten Note



    1. Thank you for reading my post and your comment. The practice of handwritten notes must be kept alive. I see it as an art that has as much life to it as original art vs. a computer image…it’s so rich and organic. Hope you continue to read.

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